Welcome to Queen Mode

Welcome to Queen Mode! Our collection of 9,999 NFTs grants you access to an exclusive (yet inclusive) community of like-minded women, and men who support women.

Queen Mode NFTs are your key to unlock a host of unlimited utilities and perks!

We're on a mission to build one of the most successful brands in web3 with community at its core. Our wins, successes and growth will be shared with our community.

We are believers in creating and sharing value together: When one of us thrives, we all thrive.


It's simple, we've always believed in the power of community and that's how we built an incredible community of over 200K women across social media. We've seen the impact of leading with authenticity and strong values in bringing people together to support a cause and a mission. And because we have experienced first-hand the magic of the community's support and love, we know that they deserve more than an exchange of “like, follow and share”.

This is the reason we are in the Web3 space. Through our NFT collection, we will bring our community closer and this time, we will share the value created with them. As our brand grows and thrives, our community members will benefit from it and thrive as well.

Through Queen Mode and its community, we will create economic, social, and cultural impact. We've been on a mission to “empower choice” since 2017 and believe that representation in Web3.0 is crucial. We want to build Web3.0 together with our counterparts and want women to play a central role in it.

Our goal is to arm women with the knowledge and education needed to make the choice of being part of Web3.0 (or not!) and together build what will be one of the most thriving communities in this space. There's no limit to what we can achieve together.




    We love our community and we are especially grateful for those who believe in us early in the journey! We will drop free special Queen Mode NFTs to 10 early supporters.


    Our first merchandise isn't just any merch! Each Queen Mode NFT holder will receive a beautiful, hand-woven, one-of-a-kind bracelet made by artisan women in underprivileged regions in Morocco who do not have access to consistent employment. This initiative which is in collaboration with Annamaa Cooperative, will provide these women with income and opportunities to upskill. Wear it with pride!


    Let's get stylish! Our community members will have access to special perks on www.TheModist.com, our luxury fashion marketplace. From discounts, to access to limited edition pieces and first dibs on exclusive collections, and much more. You'll be treated like fashion royalty!


    3% of all our primary sale will be donated to various a philanthropic cause to “empower choice” including access to education for girls, creating income for woman in underprivilege areas, providing better work conditions for woman in factories and more. Details to follow, stay tuned!


    It's all about our community thriving. 5% of all primary sales will be transferred to the “Queen Mode Community Wallet”.


    Are you ready for the Metaverse? We are! Queen Mode will buy a land in the Web3.0 space to build the Queendom where you can attend virtual events, shop, meet up and much more!


    Time to reveal the Queens. 9,999 of them to be exact. Let's have a reveal party. Show off your Queens ladies & gentlemen!

    Now that our community is complete, we will announce the date of our first IRL meet up! Digital life is good to keep us connected, but we want to see our community members in person. Keep an eye on this.


About Us

Queen Mode has been many years in the making. Since 2017, the founders of Queen Mode have been rallying the mission of empowering choice and celebrating diversity after experiencing under-representation not least in the fashion space. They created The Modist: a first of its kind luxury fashion destination that not only rewrote the stale and stereotypical rulebook on modest dressing, but started a powerful, strong community of women that understands how it feels to be excluded. The worlds of style, financial investments and inclusive networking have more in common than you may think…

It is precisely this immensely supportive and engaged community that had our founders rally towards the NFT space when they realized that this indeed is the vehicle with which the creator-community relationship can truly grow to an unprecedented level, and where the power of community that in the past only supported the creator, will now harness value for the community as well. In other words, when we win, we all win together!

about us
Hajar Ouhsine

Hajar Ouhsine


Hajar is an Entrepreneur and a leader in building and growing digital platforms across Emerging Markets. Merging a decorated professional background with her involvement in Web 3.0, Hajar leads communities using NFTs to further engage with women across the world. Fueled by the frustration of the meager representation of women across domains, Hajar is passionate about building a welcoming and inclusive space to creative a supportive environment for everyone - To learn, to share, to grow and to win together while having a positive impact on the Crypto space and the world.

Ghizlan Guenez

Ghizlan Guenez


Ghizlan is passionate about building engaged communities of like-minded groups to inspire, support and engage with one another. She is an avid advocate for women advancement. Through the mission of “Empowering Choice” of The Modist and Queen Mode, Ghizlan aims to build an ecosystem for women to thrive and pave the way for future generations of young girls. Having experienced the challenges and lack of opportunities that women face, Ghizlan founded FForce, an EdTech platform that offers online courses for women across topics from entrepreneurship to growth. She is also the Co-Creator of SAWA, an initiative that supports young creatives in the Middle East region. Ghizlan was selected as one of Business of Fashion's 500, the professional index of the people shaping the fashion industry.

Alejandra Michel Munguia

Alejandra Michel Munguia


Born in Sayula Jalisco, Mexico, Ale is an arts and culture lover from a young age. After graduating with a Graphic Design degree, Ale worked as a professional illustrator participating in exhibitions, workshops and conferences. Ale has also partnered with her hometown's government to promote culture and new talent across art genres. Ale considers it a true privilege to be able to work as an artist and share her passions, inspire new artists and continue experimenting with her own personal style. Her unique artistic flair and talent together with the strong vision and values of Queen Mode Founders culminated in the Queen Mode NFT collection featuring the beauty, diversity, uniqueness and individuality of women, reflecting the mission of empowerment of choice, where each woman is a Queen in her own right.

NFTs 101

The Basics of NFTs

In this video, we'll share some basic NFT terms you should know. These important terms will come up a lot in your intro to NFTs and buying your digital assets. Let's get started.

Web 3.0

Web 3 is known as the decentralized web. It is based on blockchain technology. Here's a simple way to understand it:

Web 1 is the first version of the internet that most of us came to know.

Web 2 is the second version of the internet which is what our now sophisticated peer-to-peer communications happen easily like social networks Facebook and Instagram.

Web 3 is about communities taking control and owning part of the internet. It is no longer just wealth sitting with the big players but actually it is now “decentralized” so that each creator, person and community member can benefit from Web 3


The blockchain is a digital ledger of transactions.
Think of it as an open spreadsheet that everyone in the crypto world has access to and it records any changes or transactions.

A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain.


Discord is a free voice, video, and text chat app; many communities in crypto, blockchain and Web 3.0 are avid Discord users.

Discord is like a slack or a whatsapp group with more features to connect with holder of the same NFT collection.

To connect with our QueenMode community, we'll also be using Discord.

You can sign up for our Discord to stay connected to your fellow Queens. We'll use Discord to share our announcements, educational information, and have discussions about our project objectives and achievements with our community. We'll also use this space to discuss more in detail about NFTs, blockchain and Web 3 technology.

When you are a QueenMode NFT holder, you'll have access to exclusive private channels in our Discord server so you'll definitely want to be apart of those!


A digital wallet is where your digital tokens live with everything you need to store and manage your digital assets like NFT's. A digital wallet is like a bank account, it holds your digital assets. When you sign up for a digital wallet, you'll get what's called a seed phrase which is like your password or pin code. To protect your digital assets, you should NEVER share you seed phrase with anyone.


Metamask is one digital wallet. Metamask allows users to send and receive Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies and tokens. There are many types of digital wallets and Metamask is one of the more widely used.

Open Sea

Open Sea is the largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and NFTs non-fungible tokens. It's a peer-to-peer marketplace which means you can easily send and receive collectibles to other users. Open Sea is like the Amazon of NFTs.

In this video, we'll share some basic NFT terms you should know. These important terms will come up a lot in your intro to NFTs and buying your digital assets. Let's get started.

ETH or Ethereum is a cryptocurrency.

Traditionally, many NFTs purchased on the blockchain require Ethereum to purchase them. Our NFTs will initially mint and be available on our website which will Other NFTs can be purchased through other crypto currencies such as Bitcoin.


This is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing cryptocurrency. There are many online platforms for these kinds of transactions but in our examples, we'll use Coinbase.


Gas or gas fee is the amount required to perform cryptocurrency transactions on the blockchain. Every time you buy an asset, send ETH or set up a smart contract, gas will be applied in order to run the transaction. Here it would be nice to explain why we pay for gas fees.


Refers to the release date, time and initial minting price of an NFT project.

Imagine that your digital wallet is your email inbox, and a drop is a gift that lands in your inbox from the NFT creators. It could be anything from a free NFT, to free Ethereum or discounts, offers or exclusive event access only for the community members.

Mint or Minting

The simplest definition is the creation of an NFT and storing it in the blockchain.


Floor or floor price is the lowest price an NFT can be purchased for. Floor price is the lowest price of the NFT in the collection.

Smart Contract

A smart contract is an agreement enforced on the blockchain network. Just like a physical contract, it's irreversible and not subject to change. It normally entails data such as ownership details of the digital asset.

We'd like to talk to you a bit about safety and protecting yourself when buying NFTs. If there's any video of ours you MUST watch before buying your NFT, it's THIS ONE!

You buy NFTs, Ethereum and perform wallet transactions on the blockchain.

Like any technology, these platforms are subject to hackers.

We'll give you the following tips to protect yourself while performing these transactions so that you can keep your digital collectibles safe.

Upon setting up your digital wallet on a platform like Metamask, you'll be asked to set up a seed phrase.

This is your private key to conduct transactions and prove that it is actually you conducting the transactions.

Because your digital wallet will contain your collectibles and cryptocurrency, you should never give out your seed phrase.

We'll never contact you asking for your seed phrase and if any one does, it is a scam or a hacker trying to access your valuables.

Once you purchase your NFT you can keep them in your digital wallet like Metamask, but for added protection, we recommend keeping your digital collectibles in a cold storage wallet or hardware wallet like Ledger.

These physical devices keep your cryptocurrency completely offline.

Also known as cold wallets, they look like USB drives. Keeping your valuable digital currencies and digital assets offline protects them from hacking and online attacks.

If you need help connecting the valuables in your Metamask wallet to your Ledger, we've included a link to an article from Ledger that will walk you through the process. It's pretty easy and quick.

Also, when interacting with our community on our Discord server, never access the server from a link that is from anywhere except our website and our approved links.

This way you know that the link you are visiting is actually our Discord server not a scammer link.

Here are some other tips:

Keeping a "crypto only email" that is not linked to other websites is a good idea.

This will reduce the risk of someone hacking into your email as it's not used as often as your main email accounts.

Change your passwords every 3 to six months. Just be sure to keep them safe so that you remember them and have access to your accounts.

Again, never share your seed phrases with anyone and don't keep them on your computer or phone.

Instead write it down on physical paper and keep it somewhere safe and where you'll remember to find it.

How to Create a Metamask Wallet

To buy an NFT you'll first need to download Metamask.

Metamask is a virtual wallet where all your digital assets like NFTs or ETH can be stored.

You can download Metamask as a Chrome web extension on your browser.

Go to the Chrome Web store and search Metamask.

Once it comes up, click ADD TO CHROME. Then, your Chrome web browser will ask if you want to actually add this extension onto your browser, here click ADD EXTENSION

Once it has installed, click the GET STARTED button.

If you don't already have a Metamask wallet click CREATE A WALLET.

On the next screen, you'll be asked if the app can track to help improve Metamask functions. You can choose if you'd like to do this or not, but for the purpose of this video, I'll click NO THANKS

Next you'll be asked to create and confirm a password. Let's go ahead and do that.

There's a video that will come up explaining how to better secure your wallet. We recommend you take all precautions to secure your wallet. It's a good idea to watch this video but for now, we'll skip this so that we can help you set up your wallet.

I'd recommend you go back and watch this video and also check our safety video for further tips on protecting yourself while performing transactions on the blockchain.

Next, you'll be asked to set up a SECRET BACK-UP PHRASE. This is also known as your SEED PHRASE.

Never share your phrase with anyone. It's also a good idea to write the phrase down somewhere you can readily find it if you forget it and not store it on your computer or phone.

Once you've done this, CONGRATULATIONS! You're now in your Metamask account.

You can see that you don't have ETH in your account yet. This is because you'll need to buy Ethereum and send it to your wallet.

Don't worry! We'll walk you through that process in our next video.

As for now, you're one step closer to getting your first NFT.

Why Queen Mode NFTs?


Join the Queendom, a community of like-minded women, driven by owning their narrative. This is a space to create opportunities for each other, network and uplift one another! How many times as a woman did you feel like you just wanted someone who “gets it”? Whether you're a mom trying to keep up with your newborn and job, or an entrepreneur trying to fundraise, or a single mom trying to manage it all, we get it. This is your tribe!


Queen Mode is about breaking barriers for women in Web 3.0 through knowledge and education. Access to world class resources, educational content, and insights from thought leaders, we will keep our Queens abreast of the fast-moving space of Web3.0. Let's talk about creating wealth, financial independence and unlocking opportunities!


It's simple, when we win, we all win together, in every way. As we hit milestones and build Queen Mode with our community members, we share the value. With collaborations, partnerships, new collections, our community will be front of mind in sharing the value created. Additionally, each NFT holder has complete ownership of their NFT IP to commercially use it as our brand grows.


We have so much in store.. IRL meet ups around the world, merch, gifts, perks on The Modist for our fashion lovers, draws that include all paid trips to memorable destinations and many other experiences.


A % of Queen Mode funds will be donated to support philanthropic causes with the overarching mission of “empowering choice”. Be it talented creatives in need of support, women in factories working in challenging conditions, or micro-grants to female entrepreneurs in underprivilege areas to help them create sustainable income, we will be in a dialogue with our community to work on meaningful projects.